EMAX is committed to provide innovative business solutions that leverage legacy and emerging technologies in the field of mobility and communication.


To be a leading product-based company implementing innovative business solutions by:

  • re-defining the way in which business is conducted and helping customers realize the limitless benefits of applying the right technology to accelerate business.
  • catering to a global clientele that looks at Emax as a strategic partner to deliver technology solutions.


Our futuristic objectives are the strengths of our present day clients. We at Emax are resolved to constitute our company into a Multifaceted Corporation where individual units aim to build stronger relations. Our business concentration for next three years would be:

  • To be known for Enterprise level application development, the another name for ERP Solution.
  • High Value Consultancy in areas such as Green Computing Implementation, Techno commercial activities.
  • Internet and E-Commerce Based Products and Services.


Values at Emax are shaped by an urge to deliver intelligent innovations. Since inception Emax has value added every individual or organization that it has shook hands with.

The corporate culture at Emax has imbibed genuine values in each individual with us. We earmark a sacred place to the knowledge updating, R&D, and Quality policy.

Major values for our success are:

  • Work towards perfection
  • Teamwork
  • Love the work you do
  • Do not procrastinate
  • Nurture Long-term relationships
  • Create a well managed partner eco-system